Take Action

Sign the charter

To help every New Zealander get to where they want to go in life, we urgently need to reduce alcohol harm. One of the best ways to reduce harm is to increase the price of alcohol. Less alcohol bein...

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Share your vision

          Imagine our country with less alcohol harm – how would it look better? Tell us your story either through a video or a photo. We all share the desire for safe, happy, healthy co...

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Sign up - Join our Campaign

Uncap our potential by reducing alcohol harm Join our campaign by signing up for email updates. We will keep you informed with news, progress, milestones, and actions that you can take to contribu...

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Build the momentum

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about” (Margaret J. Wheatley) Together we are stronger. In this section we help you to inspire others to share your...

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Join or form an advocacy group

Forming an action group is an excellent way to connect with people wanting to make a difference on a common cause. It can harness new friendships, collective intelligence, and collaboration. It can...

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Talk to policymakers

Decision makers are always keen to hear from voters. They want to hear about the issues they are concerned about. You can have a powerful influence by raising the issue of alcohol harm with politic...

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Talk to the leaders in your community

Engage local leaders to share your vision Alcohol cuts across so many issues – road safety, violence, public safety, mental health and suicide, workplace safety and productivity, cancer, etc. Given...

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Talk to the media

The media is an important channel to highlight your concerns and advocacy for action. You may wish to: Write letters to the editor Post a comment on a media site Write an article that links local ...

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Conduct an audit on alcohol rubbish

Impact of cheap alcohol in your neighbourhood - many communities express concern and frustration about the presence of alcohol-related litter and broken glass in their nearby public places - town c...

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Monitoring cheap alcohol

Despite alcohol being our most harmful drug in society, it is often sold at rock-bottom prices. Price promotions for alcohol are everywhere. It is important to understand and monitor the price of a...

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Report promotion of discounted alcohol

Irresponsible promotion of alcohol can be seen in many places in your community. Alcohol retailers including supermarkets, bottle stores and online companies use a vast number of promotional strate...

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Endless possibilities with less drinking & less harm

Every New Zealander, now and into the future, will benefit by our country drinking less. Given that alcohol cuts across so many issues that we all care deeply about, everything will start to improve when we take action on alcohol harm. As a country, we can uncap our potential. The most effective way to encourage New Zealanders to drink less is to raise the price of alcohol. This strategy is especially important to address the increasing affordability of alcohol in our country. Higher prices, less harm.