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Imagine our country with less alcohol harm – how would it look better? Tell us your story either through a video or a photo.

We all share the desire for safe, happy, healthy communities. A place where every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential. It is a win-win – we all gain when life is fairer, brighter and safer.

We would love to hear from you on this! Alcohol harm impacts every generation, now and into the future. If we reduced the harm from alcohol in our country, what would look better? You could think about it at the level of a person (e.g. better physical, mental health), family (e.g. less family violence, healthier relationships), community (e.g. safer roads and streets, less noise), or society (e.g. more money for Government to spend on cancer services, etc.).

Tell us your vision, by sending a video or a photo. Watch the other videos we have already uploaded to get an idea. We also have some guiding questions for you. Find out more or upload your resources by clicking the following buttons.

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NOTE We wish to use the videos that are created by New Zealanders to encourage Government action on alcohol. In particular, we urgently need to take action on the low price of alcohol. The lower the price, the more alcohol is consumed, the more harm. When we raise alcohol prices, we reduce harm. To everyone.