Share Your Vision Upload

Guiding questions for when you prepare your video or photo

About yourself

  • Tell us about yourself (telling us your name is optional)
  • Tell us three things that you like about your community

Envisioning a future with reduced alcohol harm

  • What kind of alcohol harms concern you? E.g. road crashes, violence, noise, broken bottles in playgrounds, family harm, suicide, etc.
  • Imagine New Zealand with less alcohol harm – how would our country look better?
  • What would look brighter for families and communities?
  • How would the positive changes in our country make you feel?

Summarise your thoughts or ideas

  • Summarise your thoughts or ideas with a few sentences and using plain language. We suggest you to keep the length of your video between 30 – 45 seconds, or your photo between 50 – 150 words.
  • Get creative! Write down your vision on cardboard -
    • Prompt – We can uncap our potential by reducing alcohol harm. Describe one or two things that would look better when we reduce harm.
    • Use one of these hashtags - #uncapourpotential, #morelifelessdrinklessharm
    • Show the cardboard in your video or photo

Thank you for sharing.

Note: We may edit your story for clarity. We will get in touch with you if changes are made to your video/story. We will also inform you when the video is uploaded and used in our promotion for social change.