Build the momentum

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about”

(Margaret J. Wheatley)

Together we are stronger. In this section we help you to inspire others to share your vision for a country with less alcohol harm. A place where each person can uncap their true potential.

Share the campaign resources on social media

Share any news or campaign updates with your friends, family or wider network. It is always helpful to put a hashtag alongside your post, e.g. #uncapourpotential, #morelifelessdrinklessharm, #leavealegacy.

You can also share the media tiles and/or infographics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platform.

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Share the stories – New Zealanders sharing their dreams

Watch the videos and hear how New Zealanders working at the forefront of dealing with alcohol harm share their vision of a future with less harm. Please also share your vision on how your world would look better with less alcohol harm in your community.

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Get your friend(s) on board

To start, understand the key factors in our environment that increase drinking and harm

Check out the explore section to enhance your understanding of how our drinking environment shapes alcohol harm.

Low alcohol prices play a major role in heavy drinking and harm. In the explore section, you will learn about measures we can put in place to address the low price of alcohol. You will also learn about all of the short-term and long-term benefits from raising alcohol prices. We can change our drinking culture together - you can be part of leaving behind an amazing legacy of creating a healthier, safer and fairer society.

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Think about alcohol harms that you are really concerned about

  • Identify one or two alcohol harms that really concern you (e.g. family violence, poor mental health and suicide, child maltreatment, drink driving, etc.)
  • What would be the positive changes for these if alcohol harms were reduced? How would you feel about this? How would these changes enable New Zealanders to uncap their potential?

Communicate your values

It is likely that you have come to this website as it appeals to your values. Our values drive our behaviour, decisions and support for action.

Taking action on alcohol often aligns with the values of many New Zealanders. Reducing alcohol harm is often about compassion for others, fairness, a moral responsibility to protect children, concern for the collective, contribution to society, etc.

It is important that when you communicate with others about alcohol harm and prevention, you relate your interest to your values. Your message will be more convincing when it articulates your inner values.

For example, market research shows that people are more supportive of actions to increase alcohol prices if they know someone who has lived experience of alcohol harm. This may include knowing a staff member who works in the weekend at a busy emergency department or a family with lived experience of family violence or addiction.

  • Tips: Shared values help you to connect with others. Consider how your values play a role in wanting to reduce alcohol harm - e.g. You may want genuine connection between people in our society, and alcohol use can hinder that. You may be concerned for the safety of Police, ambulance officers or ED staff who are often involved in alcohol-related assaults. You may want to protect children from being directly harmed, or harmed through their own drinking.
  • Check out some key talking points for the campaign - endless possibilities
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Keep the conversation positive, focusing on the real possibility for change

Alongside communicating your own inner values, research shows that people are more receptive to:

  • A positive message – especially one which is backed up by facts, shows clear benefits and improvements of action
  • A message that highlights collective benefits for everyone to share – e.g. all of our families and communities will be safer, more productive; people want to know that they are helping others
  • A message that is delivered or promoted by someone they trust, including health professionals, public health experts, and you!

Lastly, it can take time to gain support from people you care about, so keep the conversation light and positive. Change takes time.

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