Welcome. You are here because you want a brighter, fairer future for all of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Uncap our potential is a campaign that calls on New Zealanders to truly imagine our country with less alcohol harm. We believe the possibilities for our country are endless. Everything we care about will start to improve. With less alcohol harm, we can improve our mental wellbeing, reduce suicide, have safer roads and communities, less family harm, and improve our physical health (e.g. fewer injuries and cancers). We can open up space to enable genuine connection, conversations, trust and creativity.

We can uncap our potential as a nation by taking action on alcohol harm. This website shares the dreams of New Zealanders wanting less alcohol harm. It invites you to share yours. 


New Zealanders Sharing Their Dreams

New Zealanders working at the forefront of alcohol harm have shared their vision of a future with less harm. They dream of a happier, more connected, and safer place for our children and families.


We’d love to hear from you - what do you believe would be the benefits of less alcohol harm? For you, your family, your community, and/or our country. Click here for some questions to guide you. 

Share your vision

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Help spread the vision of a world with less alcohol harm. Share the images below to support the vision of our community members as well as those working at the forefront of dealing with alcohol harm. 



Endless possibilities with less alcohol harm. Learn more about the benefits HERE

Sign the charter

To help every New Zealander get to where they want to go in life, we urgently need to reduce alcohol harm. One of the best ways to reduce harm is to increase the price of alcohol. Less alcohol being drunk, less harm to the drinker and to others. Please show your support by signing the Price Charter, which includes a number of recommendations that are shown in research to reduce alcohol harm. You can sign up as an individual or as an organisation.

Click_button_-_red_.png  Click to read the Price Charter.

Be the change - Three Actions To Uncap Our Potential

Sign up - Join our Campaign

Uncap our potential by reducing alcohol harm Join our campaign by signing up for email updates. We will keep you informed with news, progress, milestones, and actions that you can take to contribu...

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Build the momentum

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about” (Margaret J. Wheatley) Together we are stronger. In this section we help you to inspire others to share your...

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Talk to the leaders in your community

Engage local leaders to share your vision Alcohol cuts across so many issues – road safety, violence, public safety, mental health and suicide, workplace safety and productivity, cancer, etc. Given...

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Sign Up For Our Campaign Updates

Share ideas with local leaders Turn bullets into sentences Share ideas with local leaders Turn bullets into sentences Share ideas with local leaders Turn bullets into sentences Share ideas with loc...

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