Be the change - Three Actions To Uncap Our Potential

We’d love your support in taking action to uncap our potential. It could be as easy as signing up to our news/updates, sharing these with people you care about, and/or starting conversations with others about your dreams for a brighter, fairer future with less alcohol harm. Here are three things you can do to support the campaign:

You can also use this website to learn more about the key factors that play a strong role in alcohol harm in our communities, e.g., low alcohol prices. Your concerns can then be raised with your local community leaders and politicians. Together, we can make a real difference to the lives of current and future generations of New Zealanders. That is an amazing legacy each of us can leave behind. 

Small steps count, especially when we take these steps together. Spread the word to your whānau, friends, schools, workplaces, churches, Marae, community, etc. Here are things you can do to support the campaign: