Meet your local MPs

  • Be clear about your purpose for meeting with them and what it is you would like them to do.
  • Check if others have met with the MP, or whether others are meeting other MPs on this issue or similar. Co-ordinate where appropriate.  
  • Do some investigation before you go – do they or their party have a view on any alcohol policies? Have they had any previous experience of relevance? (e.g have they submitted changes on alcohol laws previously? how have they voted on previous alcohol-related Bills before Parliament?)
  • Make an appointment – MPs usually have some days each week when they are based in their local constituency office. You can contact the office and establish a connection with their assistant.
  • Be prepared – Often the case, you will only have a short time with them so plan to make the most of it. Write down your key points and make sure that they are clear and simple. Double-check all your facts, have some real-life examples to share and/or take someone along with you to share their experience, think about possible questions they might have and practice some answers, and have something to leave with them.
  • Be on time.
  • Be personable and let your passion for the issue show.
  • During the meeting – stick to the facts and issues. Focus on the solution. Avoid any confrontation or criticism. Seek their views and ideas – what can they/Parliament do about this issue? Offer to be available for further information.
  • If you don’t know the answer to any questions, offer to find out and make sure you follow-up with the answer.
  • Thank them for their time and attention.